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Packaging 1
Packaging 1...

This term im taking my first foray into packaging, and so far im really enjoying it. It takes the some of the best aspects of design and ads form as well as a lot of additional considerations ( such as user experience, protection of the product, visibility in the store, etc) to the equation.  For our first project we had to redesign packaging for maglite. Currently maglite’s packaging looks like this.

Pretty much your standard hard to open generic blister pack.  In the store it looks just like all the other flashlights. So I wanted to approach this design problem from a drastically different angle.  I chose to highlight maglite’s unique qualities rather than the features that have now been adopted by most other flashlight makers.  My packaging revolves around a theme of heros.  Since maglite is very popular with firefighters, law enforcement, and search and rescue, I found this a fitting theme to highlight maglite as not only the choice of such real-life heros but also the choice of everyday people.  For the form, i wanted to stray away from the usual tube/box type of shape, I wanted an eyecatching form that reflected the quality of the product.  This project is currently in progress, I have almost finalized the form and am in the process of addressing the inner “tray” that holds the maglite and it’s accessories.

my initial form was basically a rectangle with a fifth tapered edge and die cut window

my initial form was basically a rectangle with a fifth tapered edge and die cut window

After my initial form exploration I went back to the drawing board, the problem with the rectangle was that the design was not front facing but rather off center, So I decided to go with a hexagon shape. However I wanted to retain the triangular shaped cut of the original rectangular design, as a result the new form ended up creating an interesting transition from a hexagon to a pentagon.

Final Prop 4 Ads
Final Prop 4 Ads...

After dozens of concepts and revisions, ive finnally finished my prop 4 ads. I’m quite happy with how they turned out. Although i wish we had been working on another project by now, i appreciate the fact that I was able to get a high level of refinement in the design and the concept.

Hatch Show Print
Hatch Show Print...

It’s not everyday you get to experience the history of a 129 year old letterpress facility, so when my archetype press teacher told us that Hatch Show Print was gonna visit Art Center I knew it was an event i couldn’t miss.  There were tons of letterpress posters for sale, ranging from an economical 10 dollars to a jaw dropping 900 + dollars.  The current owner of Hatch, Jim Sherraden, was the speaker for the event. He gave us an intriguing look at the history of Hatch Show Print, which was founded in 1879 by the Hatch Brothers. The shop hasnt changed much since then even though the location has moved 7 times.  Currently the shop is located in Nashville, Tennesse.  It’s hard to believe that this shop, which works with clients like CNN and Pixar, once was very close to being shut down. As Jim Sherraden likes to say, the computer is the best thing that ever happened to us, offsett printing was probably the worst thing that ever happened to hatch.  As soon as offsett printing came into exsistence, letterpress went out the window.  However the next revolution, “the digital age” all of a sudden pulled Hatch Show Print from the brink of disaster by unintentionally creating a new market for letterpress. Letterpress was once again appreciated as an artform and became a sought after look.  It truly is something that cannot be duplicated on a computer.  Jim puts it best “People are craving authenticity. They want to get to the roots of this artistry. When you look at a Hatch poster, it’s authentic. It’s one of a kind. It doesn’t have that slick glossy feel that computer-animated printing has”

Fun with movable type.
Fun with movable type....

Archetype press is without a doubt my favorite class so far this term.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that im using equipment from a method that goes back 1000’s of years, or the fact that letterpress makes you realize how lazy a computer makes you. Our first project was fairly straightforward, we had to design postcards encouraging students to get out and vote.  We had to choose a  political soundbite or quote, i chose an Alexander Hamilton quote which i think is one of those eternally relevant quotes- “those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”  And this is the design that came out of it.

We are currently underway with our second project which is even more fun and certainly a lot more challenging. Our teacher thought that in light of the current economic hardships in the U.S. and globally, that it would be appropriate to do a piece on a depression era song of our choosing. I ended up choosing Big Rock Candy Mountain by Harry McClintock. The song is about a hobo paradise, that contains among other things, police with wooden legs, cigarette trees, and soft-boiled eggs.  I thought this would be a perfect song to visualize through letterpress.  Currently we are conceptualizing and setting up proofs, here’s a sampling of one of my concepts. (note: this is meant to be a 4 page spread)

So far…
So far…...

Well my laziness has certainly done a good job of keeping me from updating this blog. Funny how i thought making the site would be the hard part. Well for now here’s a new post.  So it’s week 3 and im just starting to get settled into the routine of art center.  Sure i realize that the work load will increase 10 fold but ill choose not to focus on that because im quite enjoying myself right now.

Even though i have yet to see other classmate’s work, i can tell there is a definite difference in this crop of students than what i was used to at PCC. It’s great to interact with people who are as passionate as I am about art.

It’s probably a bit too early to say but i have a feeling archetype press is gonna be my favorite class.  I’m not really supposed to take it till term 4 but somehow i got in so im pretty stoked (an a bit scared).  Here’s a look at archetype press classroom. It’s pretty damn sweet, supposedly Art center is the only school that has a press of this kind.