Commuication Desgin 1: Political Ad Series.
Commuication Desgin 1: Political Ad Seri...

Design projects that gravitate towards advertising have always been problematic for me.  I usually prefer to work on a larger time scale rather than make my ideas work in mere seconds.  However i realize the importance of being able to communicate clearly in a very short time frame.  Advertising is most definitely one of the fundamental tenants of graphic design. My comm design project was thus a true challenge.  The assignment was to create a tryptic of 3 posters informing a younger (college-aged) about one of the many propositions on the california ballot this coming November.  I chose proposition 4 ( requirement for parental notification before an abortion is performed). Our teacher, Tyrone, encouraged us to take the side that went against our personal views so we could practice being as objective as possible.  So I took his advice and chose to do my ad campaign against proposition 4.  My initial concepts were quite basic but they lacked the main ingredient a strong idea.  As the project moved on i began to touch on the many lectures on communication and my concepts  began to improve. Here are the current batch of concepts.  At this point in the project we are refining and further defining our concepts through refinement of the language, copy, visuals, and typography.  Tyrone preffered my “options” idea due to its straightforward approach, clear message, and impact.  So going with that idea, i will have to decide what type of imagery will complement the core concept.