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Packaging 1

Packaging 1

This term im taking my first foray into packaging, and so far im really enjoying it. It takes the some of the best aspects of design and ads form as well as a lot of additional considerations ( such as user experience, protection of the product, visibility in the store, etc) to the equation.  For our first project we had to redesign packaging for maglite. Currently maglite’s packaging looks like this.

Pretty much your standard hard to open generic blister pack.  In the store it looks just like all the other flashlights. So I wanted to approach this design problem from a drastically different angle.  I chose to highlight maglite’s unique qualities rather than the features that have now been adopted by most other flashlight makers.  My packaging revolves around a theme of heros.  Since maglite is very popular with firefighters, law enforcement, and search and rescue, I found this a fitting theme to highlight maglite as not only the choice of such real-life heros but also the choice of everyday people.  For the form, i wanted to stray away from the usual tube/box type of shape, I wanted an eyecatching form that reflected the quality of the product.  This project is currently in progress, I have almost finalized the form and am in the process of addressing the inner “tray” that holds the maglite and it’s accessories.

my initial form was basically a rectangle with a fifth tapered edge and die cut window

my initial form was basically a rectangle with a fifth tapered edge and die cut window

After my initial form exploration I went back to the drawing board, the problem with the rectangle was that the design was not front facing but rather off center, So I decided to go with a hexagon shape. However I wanted to retain the triangular shaped cut of the original rectangular design, as a result the new form ended up creating an interesting transition from a hexagon to a pentagon.


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