So it begins….sorta.

So it begins….sorta.

So, i thought to myself, i finally made it! After 3 1/2 years of preparation i had finally arrived at art center. I was pumped, ready to conquer the world…..well the design world anyways.   But before i could set out to embark on this long, greuling, intense, but ultimately rewarding journey i had to go through a week of orientation.

Now ive been through orientations before, they usually follow the standard pattern of a series of lectures given by various teachers and staff regarding the schools policies and other important information.  But usually they don’t last longer than a day (maybe 2).  So, naturally when i heard art center’s orientation spanned a length of 4 days i was taken a back.  How could they possibly have enough stuff to tell me to fill 4 days.  Apparently plenty.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on the events of the orientation because frankly i found most of it quite droll and uninteresting.  Sure it was necessary information but dry nonetheless.  The first day consisted mostly of various lectures and a meeting with our fellow peer mentors. Pretty standard stuff i thought. However about the time we arrived at the sexual harassment policy on day 3, i had checked out and was ready for classes to begin.  The whole week felt extremely anti-climactic, being so close yet not quite there.

Of course orientation was not all bad. I had the privilege of getting to know quite a few interesting and cool people as well as a few familiar faces from my type 1 class at Art Center At Night.  I’m pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing -  let’s just start already.  I could feel the excitement and enthusiasm in everyone’s persona.  Which in turn made me all the more excited and even eager to see what kind of work my peers would produce.

By Thursday we finally received our class schedules, although in my case not without a few technical difficulties along the way.  If there’s one gripe i have with art center, it’s this policy of releasing our class schedule mere days before we start classes.  Makes if quite a bit more stressful when adjusting the schedule.  Orientation ended on Friday, with meetings with our department ( mine being graphic design).  Our department chair, Nick,  is a really cool and talented guy, so i found his presentation a lot more interesting and relevant to my educational experience.  Art Center structures their curriculum in a 4 term split where the first 4 terms serve to establish your foundation skills within your department and the last 4 terms help you use what you learned in the first 4 terms to explore and define your own path.  I think this is an excellent structure to follow.  The curriculum can also be seen as a funnel, where at the beginning the amount of units required is quite a bit higher than the units required at the end. So as the terms progress we take less and less units as our classes become more focused.  Term 5-7 i will be able to take an internship (which i do intent do take advantage of).

In any event, no matter how boring the orientation was, it did contain valuable information ( i will have no life) that should serve to improve my experience at art center.  So finally i am ready to take that next step into the exciting and somewhat intimidating world of art center.  As i have said before, i will try my best to keep this blog as updated as i can on any interesting projects i may be making.

Cheers, Aldis.

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  1. avatar Charles Says:

    That’s cool, man. I’m a little jealous – you’re getting to work with that stuff much more than I ever did. I’ve been in that room actually – my CSUN Graphic Design Production class took a trip there.

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