So far…

So far…

Well my laziness has certainly done a good job of keeping me from updating this blog. Funny how i thought making the site would be the hard part. Well for now here’s a new post.  So it’s week 3 and im just starting to get settled into the routine of art center.  Sure i realize that the work load will increase 10 fold but ill choose not to focus on that because im quite enjoying myself right now.

Even though i have yet to see other classmate’s work, i can tell there is a definite difference in this crop of students than what i was used to at PCC. It’s great to interact with people who are as passionate as I am about art.

It’s probably a bit too early to say but i have a feeling archetype press is gonna be my favorite class.  I’m not really supposed to take it till term 4 but somehow i got in so im pretty stoked (an a bit scared).  Here’s a look at archetype press classroom. It’s pretty damn sweet, supposedly Art center is the only school that has a press of this kind.

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  1. avatar Kaspars Says:

    Yeah – looks neat – like I’m back in 1837.

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